Find motels around 12.0


Will find the nearest motel around.

Around easily and quickly with one touch of a nearby motel finds. = Usage = 1. Run the application. (On the desktop, release the easiest to register.) 2. Their current position (standing up to the display orientation) and motels around the retrieved easily go visit their locations on the map marked. Around the world, is available nationwide wherever. When these situations, we recommend using = = 1. Not traveling away (regardless of haeoedeun guknaedeun) to find accommodation when the two. Do not go to the motel all day before the day be regretted that the recommendations be here when the same situation or uncomfortable if you tell us a point. I'll have a quick update. Thank you. = Warning = Google Maps (Google Map) application must be installed. Map (Google Maps) are supported. Daum Naver maps and the map does not support. In a lot of applications installed on the map to select a menu application that the people who come out of the map (Google Maps) Please select the defaults. Daum Naver maps and maps you accidentally set by default If you have one. Preferences 2. An application 3. Daum is set as the default in the application management while in the map, erasing the default action if you press the re-application is running ^ ^

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